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The Interactive Visual Function Questionnaire, iVFQ™, is used to survey those with vision loss, and to make practical, real-world suggestions for improvement in visual quality of life. iVFQ™ has been designed for use in physician offices & screening clinics. It provides longitudinal data following, detailed response reports, and patient-friendly recommendations based on responses to a brief 32-question assessment.

This application is sponsored by the Clear Vision Foundation and provides for the administration and scoring of the iVFQ™, a quality-of-life, visual function questionnaire based on the National Eye Institute VFQ 25 and intended for use with patients having moderate vision loss associated with ocular disease. The assessment provides a set of helpful recommendations to assist patients in managing their vision problems. The iVFQ™ allows specification of diagnostic information to define associations with vision function deficits. The application collects and provides online access for research of group data but fully respects confidentiality of personally identifying health information.

As we continue to develop the ClearVision Foundation website, we'll be implementing a light version of the iVFQ as well as online low-vision testing. Remember, while we will be developing online diagnostic tools, they are no substitute for professional eye care and regular visits to your physician. Check back for updates or sign-up for our newsletter.